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Student Loan Options and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Student Loan Options and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Buchanan Provisions

Student Loan Bankruptcy Hot Topics

Contract for Additional Student Loan Services

NSLDS My Student Data Download Sample

TPD Application

IBR Application


Teacher Loan Forgiveness App Read More

N.C. Ct. of Appeals: Harrison v. Kia Motors America, Inc.- Notice of Violation of Lemon Law and Damages


Under North Carolina’s New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act, N.C.G.S. § § 20-351, a motor vehicle manufacturer is required to either repurchase or refund the purchase price if “after a reasonable number of attempts” the vehicle cannot be repaired to conform with express warranties. N.C.G.S. § 20-351.5 creates a presumption that the manufacturer has failed if it attempts to repair the vehicle four or more times. The consumer must have notified the manufacturer in writing of the defect and allowed up to fifteen (15) days to make repairs. The manufacturer must, however, “clearly and conspicuously” notify the consumer of the obligation to send written notice.… Read More

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