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Bankr.  M.D.N.C.: In re Young- Denial of DischargeBankr.  M.D.N.C.: In re Young- Denial of Discharge


In their Chapter 7, the Youngs agreed, in a court approved settlement,  to allow the sale of their residence, splitting the net proceeds  equally with the Trustee and were to keep “only those furnishings necessary to furnish their new residence”, with the remainder of their personal property  to be auctioned.  After initially identifying the property they were to retain with the Trustee’s auctioneer, the Young sold all of their additional property with a different auction company, using the funds to pay for moving costs.  It appears that the proceeds from the sale of the personal property amounted to $937.50.  The Trustee and Bankruptcy Administrator then sought denial of the Youngs’ discharge pursuant to 11 U.S.C.… Read More

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Bankr. M.D.N.C.: In re Washabaugh- Revocation of Discharge


Before filing a voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Ms. Washabaugh was employed by Wake Forest Baptist Health/N.C. Baptist Hospital, where she made personal purchases using her employer’s credit card without reimbursement, also using that credit card and gift cards to make purchases from her own Thirty-One handbag business for gifts for volunteers and other employees. Ms. Washabaugh was terminated for these purchases, with the hospital filing an employee dishonesty claim with National Union Fire Insurance for $1,009,347.00. When Ms. Washabaugh filed her bankruptcy, she did list the hospital as a creditor, but only for minor medical bills, disclosing neither the potential claim related to the purchases nor her pending criminal prosecution.… Read More

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