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Bankr. W.D.N.C.: In re Banner- Unauthorized Practice of Law by National Bankruptcy Law Firm


Ms. Banner filed a ‘bare bones’ Chapter 13 petition signed by her attorney, Joseph Kosko, who was a local partner in the law firm of Volks Anwalt, which solicited Banner as a client through direct mail. After missing numerous deadlines for filing the completed petition, ultimately the bankruptcy court held multiple contempt hearing regarding the representation by Kosko, Volks Anwalt, and its sole owner and managing partner, Jessica McClean. The bankruptcy was actually filed after the 10-day upset period for the sale of Banner’s home, such that the property was not protected nor the foreclosure halted.

The bankruptcy court found that Volks Anwalt’s business plan was developed by McClean and included a marketing plan that used direct mailings targeting individuals subject to foreclosure proceedings.… Read More

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