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4th Circuit: Daughtery v.  Ocwen Loan Servicing- Evidence and Excessive Damages for FCRA Violations4th Circuit: Daughtery v.  Ocwen Loan Servicing- Evidence and Excessive Damages for FCRA Violations

The Daughterys purchased their home in 1999, with a 15-year balloon note payable in July 2014 in the amount of $82,666.36.  In 2012, the Daughterys had fallen $6,128.39 behind on the regular payments and Ocwen, who had become the mortgage servicer after the first default by the Daughterys, commenced foreclosure, reporting accurately the delinquency and foreclosure proceeding.  Using retirement savings, the Daughters brought the mortgage current within one month with the foreclosure be discontinued.
During this period, Ocwen had discovered that its predecessor had inaccurately reported the origination date of the note and submitted information to correct this error.  Equifax  mistook this for a separate account, creating a new, duplicate trade line for Mr.… Read More

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Bankr. W.D.N.C.: In re Carolina Internet, Ltd.- Violation of Discharge; Due Process Requirements for Notice


Carolina Internet had an oral agreement to pay O’Dell 6.5% of its sales from its largest customer, believing that O’Dell could take that account away. When Carolina Internet filed Chapter 11, however, it did not list O’Dell as a creditor. That failure notwithstanding, O’Dell was aware of the bankruptcy, both as it was being planned and after it was filed. After filing, Carolina Internet continued to pay O’Dell, unlike other unsecured creditors, and belatedly included a budget item for $22,124.66 a month in “sales commissions”, that were discovered by the Creditor’s Committee to have been paid to O’Dell as a “kickback.” The Creditor’s Committee insisted that payments to O’Dell be returned and discontinued, but Carolina Internet, fearing the loss of its primary customer, sought to assume what it alleged was an oral executory contract with O’Dell.… Read More

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