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Bankr. W.D.N.C.: In re Bronikowski- Employment Bonus is an Expectation of Payment not Contingent Interest


Ms. Bronikowski disclosed a potential employment bonus in her November 11, 2016, bankruptcy petition, asserting that it was not an asset of her bankruptcy estate, as the award of the bonus was at the complete discretion of the employer, and, in the alternative and out of caution, claimed it as exempt as wages of the debtor under N.C.G.S. § 1-362. The Trustee objected to the exemption and argued that the potential employment bonus was a contingent interest and asset of the estate.

After a thorough review of case from across the country, the bankruptcy court held “that the discretion of the employer is the most important consideration for determining whether an anticipated bonus is property of the estate.” See Klein-Swanson, 488 B.R.… Read More

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