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Bankr. E.D.N.C.: In re Faison- Denial of Confirmation for Infeasibility


Mr. Faison filed a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy seeking, among other things, to continue to develop real property against which Summit Bridge held several claims. Summit Bridge objected to confirmation of Mr. Faison’s (third) plan of reorganization based on infeasibility at it was a “visionary scheme” that was “based on speculation, hope and desire, and has no demonstrable objective fact or facts as its foundation.”

While stating that it believed Mr. Faison could ultimately propose a feasible plan, the bankruptcy court found the current plan infeasible. This was in part due to a failure to treat each parcel of property in the proposed development as unique and of differing values, high degree of speculation as to both the values of the lots and the costs of expenses, etc.… Read More

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