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Bankr. W.D.N.C.: In re Magsino- Income Contingent Repayment Plan Precludes Student Loan Discharge


After exhausting her 36 months of student loan deferments for unemployment, the Debtor sought to discharge her student loans in bankruptcy. The Department of Education offered her an Income Contingent Repayment plan (“ICRP”), with monthly payments set, at least initially, in the amount of $0.00 a month.

Even though the Debtor had a very low standard of living, the bankruptcy court held that under ICRP she would have payments of $0.00 a month, her student loans would not cause a minimal standard of living. Further, despite being 61 years old, the court held that “age alone is not an “additional circumstance” determining the second prong.… Read More

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Law Review: Rendleman, Doug & Weingart, Scott- Collection of Student Loans: A Critical Examination


Although the collection of college student loans centers this article, some background precedes its main topic. It begins by defining and distinguishing federal and private student loans. Next is repayment of loans, postponing repayment through deferment, forbearance, extensions, and public-interest assistance and cancellation. Perkins loan deferment, forbearance, and cancellation follow. Delinquency and default are next, including collection fees and penalties, administrative wage garnishment, state and federal income-tax-refund offsets, federal benefits offsets, and professional-license suspension. The lender’s judicial collection is followed by the borrower’s limited affirmative defenses and post-judgment tools. A borrower may exit default through consolidation and rehabilitation. There are two types of statutory discharges: school-related discharges and discharges for death and disability.… Read More

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