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N.C. Ct. of Appeals: U.S. Bank v. Pinkney- Chain of Indorsements of Note


The Pinkneys executed a mortgage note (“the Note”) in favor of Ford Consumer Finance, secured by a Deed of Trust. The Note was later indorsed to Credit Based Asset Servicing and Securitization (“CBASS”), which, in turn, assigned the Note to U.S. Bank, as Indenture Trustee, and lastly to U.S. Bank, without recourse.

When U.S. Bank later sought to foreclose and a judgment for money owed, the Pinkney moved to dismiss that action on the basis that U.S. Bank was not the holder of the Note, which did not contain the “magic words” denoting a that it was, under the Uniform Commercial Code, N.C.G.S.… Read More

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N.C. Supreme Ct.: In re Bass- Stamped Indorsement is Sufficient for Transfer


The first indorsement in a chain of transfers of a mortgage note was simply a stamp, without an accompanying signature or initials. After falling behind on mortgage payments, Bass, relying on Econo-Travel Motor Hotel Corp. v. Taylor, 301 N.C. 200 (1980), challenged the standing of U.S. Bank as the holder of the note, arguing that it had not been properly indorsed.

The North Carolina Supreme Court rejected this argument relying on the broad definition of “signature” in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), at N.C.G.S. § 25-3-201(b)(37), as “any symbol executed or adopted with present intention to adopt or accept a writing.” As the official comment to the UCC includes that such symbol can be “printed, stamped or written; it may be by initials or by thumbprint”, the term “signature” is not limited to “a long-form writing of an individual person’s name.” Bass at 7.… Read More

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