N.C. Ct. of App.: Carrington Oaks v. Weiss- Judgment Notwithstanding Verdict; Fraudulent Signatures


Mr. Weiss, together with his business partner, purchased land for development in Charlotte by obtaining a $28,290,000 loan from GECMC 2006-C1 Carrington Oaks, LLC (“Carrington Oaks”) conditioned, in part, on their personal guaranties. After the loan defaulted, Carrington Oaks brought suit for payment against Mr. Weiss.

At trial, however, Mr. Weiss testified that he had retained the Dreier Law Firm to execute documents for different real estate transactions, including the Carrington Place deal, often signing between thirty and forty signature pages each time went to the Dreier offices. He alleged that one of these signature pages was attached to the guaranty, which he otherwise was not aware, denying specifically signing and executing such.… Read More

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