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Bankr. E.D.N.C.: In re Mammoth Grading, Inc.- Objection to Assessed Amount of Property Taxes


The Debtor had since 1998 complied with the requirements of N.C.G.S. § 105-306 to list for taxes the personal property owned in Wake County. The Debtor was required to file such a disclosure between January 1st and 31st of 2009, but failed to do so, instead filing bankruptcy on February 18, 2009. On September 30, 2009, Wake County subsequently sent the Debtor a notice that it had assessed taxes at a “discovered value” of 125% of the value from the previous year and that the Debtor had, pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 105-312(d), thirty (30) days to contest this value. Neither the Debtor nor the Chapter 7 Trustee challenged this assessment.… Read More

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