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Bankr. E.D.N.C.: In re Hamilton-Conversano- Nonfiling Spouse Income; § 707(b)(3) Smell Test


Ms. Hamilton-Conversano filed Chapter 7 without her husband. Other than the couple’s secured debts, Mr. Conversano had no debts of his own and Mrs. Hamilton-Conversano had one American Express card, with a balance of $46,669.52, which they had jointly used to pay for all household expenses.

In completing her Means Test, Ms. Hamilton-Conversant took a “marital adjustment” to her husband’s contribution to her Current Monthly Income including $417.86, for the full monthly cost of their child’s private school. The Bankruptcy Administrator argued in that the private school contribution, even though made by the non-filing spouse, was capped by statute at $160.42.… Read More

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Bankr. EDNC: In re Mitchell- 707(b)(3) “Abuse” is the same as “Substantial Abuse”‏

The bankruptcy court held that despite the excision in BAPCPA of “substantial” from the abuse provision of 707(b)(3), that the factors laid out by the 4th Circuit in Green v. Staples, 934 F.2d 568 (4th Cir. 1991) were still good law. The “totality of the circumstances” approach involves an evaluation of factors such as the following:

(1) Whether the bankruptcy petition was filed because of sudden illness, calamity, disability, or unemployment;
(2) Whether the debtor incurred cash advances and made consumer purchases far in excess of his ability to repay;
(3) Whether the debtor’s proposed family budget is excessive or unreasonable;
(4) Whether the debtor’s schedules and statement of current income and expenses reasonably and accurately reflect the true financial condition; and
(5) Whether the petition was filed in good faith.… Read More

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