4th Circuit: Fontell v. Hassett- FDCPA and Homeowner’s Associations


Fontell brought suit against her Homeowner’s Association (“HOA”)alleging violation of the FDCPA, the Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act (“MCDCA”) and the Maryland Consumer Protection Act (“MCPA”). When the district court did not grant her summary judgment on these claims, she appealled.

The Court of Appeals held that her assertion that the HOA violated the MCDCA by untimely bringing suit against her was not supported by evidence sufficient as a matter of law to grant summary judgment under Rule 56(a). The property management company, as it was always responsible for collecting the homeowner’s dues and not just after there was a default, did not constitute a “debt collector” under the FDCPA, as a default “does not occur immediately upon a debt becoming due, unless the terms of the parties’ relevant agreement dictate otherwise.” See Alibrandi v.… Read More

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